Collection of shorts

stories help us see ourselves and others in new ways,promote healing,and connect us as Human beings.


Grandfather's Birthday

An Emmy Award-winning (regional) short dramatic 35mm film starring Robert Prosky and directed by Gayle Knutson/Tundra Films. This film has won several awards worldwide.

The mailman depicted in this clip is Robert's son, John Prosky. This was the first time they had acted on screen together along with our hometown actor Sally Wingert.  executive producer/casting director, Louise Woehrle



The Watch Story

Originally created for Patek Philippe, online. This a story of hope within our feature documentary Stalag Luft III - One Man's Story told by my Uncle Charles Woehrle, WWII U.S. Army Air Force Bombardier. He was shot down May 29, 1943, captured by the Nazi's and held a prisoner in Stalag Luft III for two long years; the same prisoner of war camp depicted in the iconic film The Great Escapedirector/producer, Louise Woehrle



Veterans' Voices Program

Minnesota Humanities Center is providing platforms for Veterans' Voices to be heard through Veterans' Voices Program. They are doing such great work! It was a privilege to shine a light on our Veterans. director/producer/lead creative Louise Woehrle



Pepperdine University Center for Women in Leadership  

One of 5 videos I produced for Pepperdine and their new Center for Women in Leadership ranging from 45 seconds to 4-minutes in length. Their audience includes students, faculty, staff and alumni. Mentoring is a large part of the Center.  writer, director, producer, Louise Woehrle



I've Got an App for That

This music video was created for Grammy Award-winning songwriter Jon Vezner. It was a fun one!

co-creative lead, director/producer, Louise Woehrle



Feed My Starving Children - Let Their Candle Burn

Let Their Candle Burn - Teen audience at We used green screen. The hip-hop artist is James Farrow (age 17) and Luke Enyeart (17) created guitar segments. I asked James to write a tune for FMSC based on certain themes and key messages. Both of these young men have volunteered several times at FMSC and are extremely talented musicians. lead creative/director/producer, Louise Woehrle



Global Pathway School

Through education GPS is transforming lives of children, their families and communities. My good friend and colleague Canadian filmmaker Phyllis Ellis/Ravenhead Productions asked me to join her in Southern India to co-direct a film for Global Pathways School. At the end of the project we had a 1-hour broadcast version titled The Pathway that aired on the Documentary Channel. This rough short promo is dear to my heart because of the children and their enthusiasm to learn. GPS is truly transforming lives through education. co-director - Louise Woehrle




Museum Sage

This video describes how the interactive experience of how Museum Sage works. Graphic designer and animator, Laurie Phillips - producer/narration, Louise Woehrle




This clip is from the teen series BE REAL. Tyler (16) talks about perfectionism and depression. She, like so many young women are feeling the pressure to be the "best" in everything, no matter what the cost. Lead creative development/producer/director/writer, Louise Woehrle



In Harmony for Life

We had the opportunity to go into the homes of six hospice patients to see how hospice was working in their lives. Fairview Hospice wanted to tell the story of hospice while also focusing on the benefit of music and massage therapies. Hospice workers are angels on earth. This video won a "Telly Award." We also have a shorter version. writer, director, producer Louise Woehrle



U.S. Pond Hockey

Fred Haberman, co-founder of Haberman, a brand marketing firm, is also the visionary behind the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships. He asked me to produce a highlight promo of their first tournament. We had a small budget ... but it was so much fun! writer, director, producer



Feed My Flock

One of several videos Whirlygig has created for Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), a Christian nonprofit organization located in Coon Rapids, MN.

When we started telling their (FMSC) story in 2003 they distributed 3 million meals to hungry children around the world. End of year 2017 FMSC distributed over 303 million meals worldwide.

We finished shooting in Haiti and returned home one month before the horrible earthquake. This video shows the long term benefits of the food formula that is providing all the vital nutrients to help a malnourished child grow. writer, director, producer - Louise Woehrle