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“I would bill Stalag Luft III - One Man’s Story this way — a love letter from a niece who wants future generations to know how much we owe the Greatest Generation.” — Tom Brokaw, Broadcaster, Author of The Greatest Generation



“I must say that I have a hard time even coming up with words to describe how much I like your film. I can’t imagine anybody watching it and not falling in love with your uncle Charles. The footage and photos are incredible, the story is riveting and emotional and, as far as documentaries go, this is one of the best I’ve ever seen." — Steven Zwemke, SDPB producer



“There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, and the stillness of those experiencing the screening of Stalag Luft III - One Man’s Story was almost unnerving. What comes through in this film is not only the director/producer’s love of family, but Charles’s tender and gentle persona that clearly came from his better understanding of human nature. He saw the worst in man, and because of it, embodied the best in man. By the time one has finished with this film, there is a feeling of standing among giants.”

— Raymond T. Rivard, Editor Sun Current



This film for me was more about how Charles Woehrle coped with the endless feeling of his situation with his courage, creativity, selflessness and generosity. I’m starting a “Be Like Charles Club.” — Greg Scharrer



“Stalag Luft III: One Man’s Story, is not a film about a watch; the Patek Philippe is only a chapter in a long and extraordinary story. This film comes at a time when we need stories like Charles Woehrle’s, full of optimism and kindness in the face of great adversity.” — Jason Heaton, HODINKEE



“This documentary is one of the most moving things I've witnessed in a long time. Your uncle was so exceptional, and your work is exceptional as well. This is an important historical piece of work, not just a phenomenal human interest story. I hope it is disseminated far and wide.” — Tammi, audience member from North Carolina



“I had the pleasure of watching the documentary “Stalag Luft III - One Man’s Story”, directed by Louise Woehrle. As a fan of WWII history since childhood, I have to say this is the most remarkable film I have ever seen depicting POW life. The story flows from birth, to entering the Army Air Corp, through training, entering the war, the shoot down, the capture, POW life, liberation and post war life seamlessly. Charles Woehrle is an intelligent, articulate man with a great storytelliing ability. Tom Brokaw labeled WWII veterans “The Greatest Generation”. He was correct and Charles Woehrle is prime example of that title. This story should be seen by every American. The national PBS “American Experience” format would be the perfect vehicle to accomplish this. Please help get this amazing story out to the American public.” — Dale Foss



“Stalag Luft III - One Man's Story is a visually stunning act of immersion into the reality of the World War II air war, into the fascinating, horrifying, sometimes funny daily realities of prison-camp existence, and into the life of a plainspoken Minnesota man whom suffering turned into an apostle of compassion. With visual effects as convincing as anything Hollywood has to offer, Woehrle's film places viewers in warplanes under fire and leads them inside the barbed wire of Stalag Luft III, where they get to meet the real-life counterparts of the characters in the 1963 film The Great Escape. The person they'll be most grateful to have met, though, is the story's protagonist and narrator, Woehrle's uncle Charles, who, in his courage, selflessness, and sense of humor, was the kind of man I want to be when I grow up.” — Jon Spayde, Senior Editor, Public Art Review 



Louise Woehrle has crafted a beautiful film about WWII and the ‘Greatest Generation’ as experienced through the life of her uncle, Charles Woehrle - a Bombardier in the ‘Mighty Eighth’ Air Force. Like many of his generation, Charles was a resourceful man making the most of his situation and looking out for his fellow man. Stalag Luft III - One Man’s Story is a wonderful film paying great tribute to the spirit of a generation. — Doug Bekke, Historian, Curator, Minnesota Military Museum



“Louise is a masterful storyteller. It was an honor to support her film and attend an incredible private screening at Patek Philippe in NYC. The story about Uncle Charles and his unbelievable experience during World War II and how it shaped him as a man is worthy of our attention. We can learn so much, in this day and age, from the "Greatest Generation," and be reminded of what it means to be a courageous, humble and loving human being. I did not have the privilege to meet Charles Woehrle while he was alive, but through this film, I got to know him and feel his expansive heart, and for that I am grateful.” — Sarah Bell Haberman, co-founder of Haberman Agency



“As he did for so many people, your uncle made an impact on my life and his story deserves — needs — to be spread far and wide these days.” — Justin Heaton, Writer, Hodinkee



"We need to see more films like this one, especially right now in this country. Charles Woehrle exemplifies the best in us through the way he lived his life before, during and after the war." — Alice H. audience member



"One of the best American documentaries, period"  — Jon Spayde - author, journalist



“We purchase full passes every year for MSPIFF. Stalag Luft III - One Man's Story was the best film we saw at the festival this year."  — Cecily H.