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Charles Woehrle saw the worst in man, and because of it, embodied the best in man. By the time one has finished with this film, there is a feeling of standing among giants.
— Raymond T. Rivard, Editor Sun Current
Stalag Luft III—One Man’s Story is a visually stunning act of immersion into the reality of the World War II air war, into the fascinating, horrifying, sometimes funny daily realities of prison-camp existence, and into the life of a plainspoken Minnesota man whom suffering turned
into an apostle of compassion.
— Jon Spayde, senior Editor, Public Art Reveiew
Charles Woehrle -  Golden Hour  at age 95

Charles Woehrle - Golden Hour at age 95

I must say that I have a hard time even coming up with words to describe how much I like your film. I can’t imagine anybody watching it and not falling in love with your Uncle Charles. The footage and photos are incredible, the story is riveting and emotional. And, as far as documentaries go, this is one of the best I’ve ever seen.
— Steven Zwemke, SDPB producer
Stalag Luft III: One Man’s Story, is not a film about a watch; the Patek Philippe is only a chapter in a long and extraordinary story. This film comes at a time when we need stories like Charles Woehrle’s, full of optimism and kindness in the face of great adversity.
— Jason Heaton, Hodinkee