shining a Light on stories that need to be told


Storyteller + Filmmaker


My work reflects my devotion to using media and storytelling as a conduit for good. In these divisive times we need true stories that build bridges not walls.


Louise Woehrle is a passionate storyteller whose mission is to shine a light on stories that need to be told with the hope they will serve as catalysts for change. She is an Emmy regional award-winning filmmaker, an award-winning publisher and creative consultant, who writes, directs, produces, and consults for corporations, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, authors, and artists through her company Whirlygig Productions, Inc

25+Years Experience

Several projects Louise has led as a producer, creative director, consultant, content developer and publisher in film, theater and literature have received awards, aired on broadcast television, and woven their way through several nonprofits, educational institutions, and organizations.

I am grateful for all the projects I have led or influenced that are being actively shared to raise awareness, inspire, and educate. I have witnessed hearts open, people on opposing sides find common ground, and communities forge connections with each other to heal and create change.

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Louise Woehrle